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OEM DC Jack Screw Terminal Male 10 Pck


Connect wires solder-free with the OEM DC Jack Screw-in Terminal Pack. It features a 2.1mm DC jack, two screw-in terminals, is ideal for CCTV usage, and comes in a pack of 10.


The OEM DC Jack Screw-in Terminal makes it easier to add power to your CCTV devices. This little adapter features a 2.1mm DC jack which can be connected to any compatible device that uses a DC jack connection. The solder-free terminals are ideal for connecting wires as they feature a screw-in design allowing you to tighten the wires with a screwdriver to make them more secure. This makes wiring easier, more convenient and saves you lots of time as well. If wires need to be replaced, simply unscrew them from the terminals and you are good to go. These terminals are primarily used in CCTV because of how convenient and versatile they are.


  • Solder-free Design
  • 2.1mm DC Jack
  • Screw-in Terminals
  • Add DC Connector to Power Your Devices
  • For Use with CCTV


  • Size: 2.1mm
  • Type: DC Jack
  • Terminals: 2 x Screw-in
  • Colour: Black


  • OEM DC Jack Screw-in Terminal – Black x10
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